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PhD Students supervised


  • Biswajit Chanda, Family Law Reform in Bangladesh: The Need for a Culture-Specific Legal System
  • Emir Kaya, Balance of Negotiating Normativities in Legal Theory: The Turkish Diyanet's Mediation for Higher Public Interest through Realist Altruisms
  • Federica Sona, In the shadow of uniformity: Islamic marriages in contemporary Europe. Lead Supervisor: Prof. Werner F. Menski
  • Jean-Philippe Dequen, Pluralism or Plurality: an assessment on legal strategies relating to Muslim succession law in contemporary India
  • Manprit Kaur Virdi, Contesting Silences: Legal Consciousness and Immigrant South Asian Women
  • Mohammad N (Emon) Bhuian, The Fundamental Right to Freedom of the Press in Bangladesh
  • Mridhula Dharshini Pillay, The inter-play between state and law in managing religious harmony: India and Malaysia
  • Muhammad Mahbubur Rahman, Sentencing Policy and Practice in Bangladesh: A Study on the Sentencing Decisions of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh in Murder Cases
  • Sebahattin Abdurrahman, Implementation of educational rights for the children of minorities under domestic and international law: The case of the Muslim-Turkish minority in Greece